In order to save extra expenses, we ask you to bring the following reports (only if available) to your next visit:

  • Blood tests or other lab work of the last 12 months
  • Reports of known diagnoses
  • Panoramic X-ray of your teeth

Our diagnostic is based upon

  • Anamnesis and patient interview
  • Clinical examination
  • Other reports (esp. teeth status and lab work)
  • ART Autonomic Response Test according to Dr. Klinghardt read more

Additional diagnostic tools are available in our institute

  • HRV Heart Rate Variability. This test is accredited by academic medicine and gives information about the status of the autonomic nervous system - sympathetic and parasympathetic part. It is well able to provide information about the progress of the treatment. read more
  • Oligoscan offers the possibility to measure concentrations of minerals, trace elements and toxic, heavy metals very easily and very fast through spectrophotometry. read more
  • Regulationsthermography is a non-invasive patient assessment tool that identifies a wide range of physiological dysfunction by analyzing skin temperature changes over time.read more
  • Ultrasound diagnostics