SophiaMed Appointment


The SophiaMed appointment includes..

Around 3 hours exclusively with Ariane Zappe

  • profound anamnesis from day of conception onwards developing a timeline
  • review of established laboratory-analyzed findings and medical statements
  • ART Testing according to Dr. Klinghardt with asssistant

Around 2 hours of optional additional diagnostic tools and optional treatments

  • Depending on the assessment and ART testing, additional diagnostic and therapeutical tools will implemented that same day.
  • Since every case is different and there is absolutely no standard treatment possible, Ariane Zappe will decide on the day, based on the results of her assessment and ART testing what to include in your SophiaMed Comprehensive visit.

You receive a detailed written assessment, diagnosis and a treatment plan for the stay in Kaufbeuren and the next few months back home

  • The treatment plan will based on herbal and homeopathic medication, supplements and additional treatments in the clinic as well as other procedures, that can be used at home.
  • We use the remedies from SophiaViva, based on our own research, which can be provided for you in the clinic and/or ordered online.

Add-on Treatments

Add-on treatments like SophiaMatrix lymphatic and fascia treatment or Colon Hydro gut cleansing can be booked while you are in Kaufbeuren.

They are an essential part of the whole concept and thus highly recommended for all patients who do not match any of the contraindications listed.

Colon Hydro

Optional Additional Treatments