Biodentical Hormone Therapy


Due to the ever-present array of disruptors nowadays, we find hormonal imbalances as a direct consequence as a result of chronic dysbiosis over a long period of time. Particularly noticeable for the patient are imbalances of thyroid and steroid hormones especially sex hormones (in particular progesterone, oestradiol, estriol, DHEA, cortisol, pregnenolone, testosterone).


Some hormones are neuroprotective and neurodegenerative (Pregnenolone, DHEA, Progesterone, HCG). With men we often see a deficiency of androgens (androstenedione, DHEA, testosterone) and an excess of oestrogens. With women, we almost always find a relative lack of progesterone (so-called oestrogen-better oestradiol dominance) and also a lack of androgens.


Progesterone is important early in treatment for both, men and women as it repairs the faulty blood-brain barrier and protects the nerves and brain from further attacks.



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Does progesterone have neuroprotective properties?


Progesterone appears to exert its protective effects by protecting or rebuilding the blood-brain barrier, decreasing development of cerebral edema, down-regulating thein ammatory cascade, and limiting cellular necrosis and apoptosis. All are plausible mechanisms of neuroprotection.

– Stein DG, Wright DW, Kellermann AL

Adrenal glands

The over-excitement of the immune system, the daily confrontation with disruptors and toxins, electromagnetic waves and micro dysbiosis represent an constant, significant level of stress. The adrenal glands are permanently overwhelmed with the production of stress hormones, especially cortisol, but also adrenaline.


The slow failure of the adrenal glands is divided into three phases:

  • Phase 1: Cortisol and DHEA increase
  • Phase 2: Cortisol high, DHEA crashes
  • Phase 3: Both crash, Addison’s disease

We strive to find the reason for the weakness and finally the failure of the adrenal glands.


A temporary replacement of these hormones such as bioidentical or homeopathic methods is a symptomatic treatment and not a correction of the causes of the disease but can improve the patient’s condition and strength and can act as a complementary treatment.

Hormone blood and saliva test

In addition to ART testing, we can measure the steroid hormones in the blood and saliva in the laboratory.