Photophoresis according to Dr. Med. D.Klinghardt

History of development

During the 1980s, iontophoresis was developed: By applying 2 electrodes with direct current, substances applied to the skin (e.g. cortisone) could be passed deep into the body with the help of the ion current, e.g. in the shoulder joint.


Later, Ultrasound was an improved method to successfully pass substances from the skin into the body which ultimately led to the development of phonophoresis.


In the 90s, author Dietrich Klinghardt observed that polarized, monochromatic laser light can be used in the same way. Initially, he used an 830 NM infrared laser to transport remedies modulated onto the laser beam deep into the tissues


It was later found that the remedies could be delivered with an ultra-weak laser (on whose beam the substances were modulated) indirectly and could trigger enormous healing effects.


Teleportation of vitamins and remedies


Quantum physical teleportation can transfer information between physical system:


Study: Nat Commun. 2013;

  • Quantum teleportation of laser-generated photons with an entangled-light-emitting diode.


  • Quantum teleportation can transfer information between physical systems, which is essential for engineering quantum networks.
    – Stevenson RM

Luc Montagnier who discover the AIDS-virus conducted the following experiment:


He prepared a closed test tube with a living virus culture and a second tube of “empty” water, with no life in it.


With a pulsed blue-violet laser beam, the virus culture was irradiated in such a way that the laser beam also penetrated the second glass. After a short time, the researcher was able to detect parts of HIV DNA in the glass with “empty” water. He called this method “teleportation of DNA.”


Dr. Klinghardt concluded: If DNA can be transferred to water with the laser, then it would also be possible to transfer vitamins, minerals or remedies to an entire organism with a laser beam without using the material substances.


We at SophiaHealth Insitute Kaufbeuren, have been using the irradiation method for years. The use of material agents can thus be reduced or even completely omitted. An exception are the binders (zeolite, chlorella, etc.), which we still need in their natural form.


All laboratory findings of the patient (e.g. hormones, neurotransmitters, vitamins) can be influenced and modulated using this method without the need to take medication or other substances.

Modulation of Detoxification


The Schall Cluster program uses intra-and extra-cellularly discharge shells to encourage the body to discharge toxins and other substances in one way or another.

This allows the detoxification processes to be accelerated and optimized. Information patterns of heavy metals, drug residues, anaesthetics, vaccines, etc. can be transmitted.




Immune responses of the organism can be modulated by confronting the information of the germ or toxin.


What happens in the blood after irradiation with patient-specific frequency patterns of the germs? TNF alpha, TGF beta 1, fibrinogen, hsCRP and many other inflammatory parameters return to normal range.

Almost as if the inflammatory agent had disappeared! This opens up an enormous range of therapeutic possibilities. Working with photophoresis allows direct contact with the world of microbes, the subsequent psychotherapy PK/mentalfield techniques MFT treatment often leads to the eradication of the pathogenic character of the germs. They become symbiotic germs or invisible in our system.