Psycho Kinesiology

PK – Psycho Kinesiology

During the session of Psyche-Kinesiologiy according to Dr. Klinghardt the therapist will go in dialog with the patients subconscious using muscle testing. Traumas which were suppressed can come into light and through the recollection of the hidden feelings, the patient can release them and start to find the way back to health.  


With every trauma restrictive dogmas will be subconsciously created and can often last a lifetime. Sentences such as “I don’t deserve love” or “I am weak” can influence our behavior in everyday life. The more restrictive the dogmas that get stuck in our subconscious, the more the body wants a “way out” often revealing itself by disease and all sorts of pain.


The goal of the treatment is to release the restrictive dogmas. By doing this healing without symptom prescription is possible. The body can create a healing pattern and is better prepared to deal with toxins and microbes when it has disengaged from old and unresolved conflicts. The effects of microbes are often related to emotional conflicts.


We see for example the connection between streptococcus, which are present in 20-30% in the birth canal of expectant mothers and can cause a life-threatening event at birth, such as pressure on the spinal cord or acute oxygen deficiencies.

Being unable to come back to symbiosis with streptococcus can be a lifelong problem for those patients. The result: chronical quinsy’s, otitis or bronchitis and a permanent overloading of the immune system which can cause the annihilation of the nerve cells. A symbiosis with microbes is possible when the traumatic experience is detached from the microbes.


Likewise, toxins can be associated with traumatic events for example, amalgam in your teeth with the separation from the mother because she has not protected you from the rough dentist. These could be the toxins that are stored (90%) in the fascia. With SophiaMatrix and in combination with Psycho-Kinesiology, these toxins can be mobilized. ART is an additional method to modulate and mobilize toxins and flush them out and get back to a healthy symbiosis with microbes.