Ionic Footbath


Ionic Footbath

Developed the German neurologist and Harvard graduate Dr. Margarita Griesz-Brisson. She achieved dramatic results in the detoxification of mercury, lead, cadmium, nickel and especially aluminium via urine and hair when patients used an ionic foot bath along with the intake of coriander.


The effect of the ionic footbath has so far been largely misunderstood and mis-advertised. Manufacturers generally claim that the discoloration of the water is based merely on detoxified substances from the body, which is intended to prove the effectiveness of the footbath.


According to our research, the discoloration of the water is completely irrelevant. Researchers have so far missed measuring the patient’s urine after an ionic footbath. We see an immense increase in toxins in the patient’s urine after coriander and foot bath, regardless of water pollution.


Dr. Griesz-Brisson found enormous toxin excretions in the urine before and after foot bath with coriander. The detoxification of aluminium was so dramatic that it had to reduce the scale for aluminium by a factor of 3, otherwise the graphic would have blown all the formats.

We recommend the following method of use to our patients every day:


  • Before dinner, the coriander tincture is taken in water. After dinner, the foot bath should be taken. It seems to play a minor role which product is used here.


  • Coriander and coriander seeds should not be used in pregnancy and patients with a desire to have children due to their abortive effect.

This detoxification method is available to all patients at the institute. The application is particularly suitable following a SophiaMatrix ® treatment.