Photonwave Colour Therapy


Photonwave Colour Therapy

After years of research the American doctors Dinshah P. Ghadiali and Dr. Harry Riley Spittler found that light entering the body through the eyes can reach all the important control centres of the brain to regulate bodily functions.


Because eye function is directly dependent on the autonomic nervous system, it was clear that this method would improve visual function. The side effects were just as important: With certain colours, a reduction or balance of stress was achieved, both physically and emotionally.


With specific light colours, blocked synapses in the brain can be reactivated. This allows unconscious traumas and their negative consequences to be integrated and open new ways of healing.


Immunomodulation with the PhotonWave means that information from microbes with certain light frequencies is transmitted into the brain and the organism can react more adequately to the germ via the immune system. In addition, the detoxification process stimulated by PhotonWave.