Your Visit


Your Choices

Choice 1 – A Single Comprehensive Appointment

Visit us for an appointment for SophiaMed Comprehensive assessment and treatment. That includes around 3 hours of thorough assessment exclusively by Ariane Zappe, around 2 hours of optional additional diagnostic tools and / or treatments and a profound written assessment with treatment plan for your stay and the next few months at home.


Since every case is different and there is absolutely no standard treatment possible, we will decide individually upon the results of Ariane Zappe’s assessment what to include in your SophiaMed Comprehensive day.


All options we have available for you in Kaufbeuren can be found here.


Read more about the SophiaMed Concept here and in both books by Dr. med. D. Klinghardt and Ariane Zappe.


A follow-up SophiaMed appointment should be 2-4 months later, which will be discussed with Ariane Zappe upon your first visit, once she knows more about you and your case.

Choice 2 – Stay for longer

Stay for longer in Kaufbeuren, sign up for add-on treatments and / or one more SophiaMed appointment with Ariane Zappe – and enjoy the recreational and historic benefits of a stay in Kaufbeuren and the Allgäu Region.


Bookable Add-On Treatments


Add-on treatments like SophiaMatrix lymphatic and fascia treatment or Colon Hydro gut cleansing can be booked upfront for the  time you are in Kaufbeuren.  They are an essential part of the whole concept and thus highly recommended for all patients who do not match any of the contraindications.


Contraindications for SophiaMatrix

Contraindications for Colon Hydro 


Book a second SophiaMed comprehensive appointment


A second SophiaMed comprehensive appointment can be booked. We recommend a minimum of one day in between SophiaMed appointments.


Why could a second SophiaMed appointment be beneficial for you:


  • You want more time with Ariane Zappe to intensify your treatment with for example family constellation, more emotional trauma work etc.
  • You have special requests for ART testing like food testing or additional supplements
  • On the second appointment, you have already experienced our treatment and remedies for more than 24 hours. We can assess your reactions and adjust the protocol, which will then be more stable for the next months.
  • You want more time with Ariane Zappe to discuss special questions.
  • You want to intensify your treatment plan.


A follow-up SophiaMed appointment should be 2-4 months later, which can be discussed with Ariane Zappe upon Your first visit, once she knows more about you and your case.


Your Patient Coordinator


Our native english speaking patient coordinator Pamela Lechner will be happy to assist you in planning your individual stay in Kaufbeuren based on a Potential Patient Questionaire providing some basic information about your case to Ariane Zappe, who will then be able to give recommendations.


First Steps if we are Right for You

Please download the following potential patient questionnaire, fill out and send to us via email Thus you enable Ariane Zappe to get an impression about your case, give you a first assessment and suggest options in our clinic.

Patient Questionnaire

Or fill out the following contact form and we will be happy to get in contact with you and send you the questionnaire.

Or give us a call at

+49 (0) 8341 9664100

Or send us a fax at

+49 (0) 8341 9664109

Our native english speaking patient coordinator Pamela Lecher will be happy to get in contact with you, assist you with any questions and coordinate your stay in Kaufbeuren.


What to bring and how to prepare

Please bring the following information with you for your first visit at SophiaHealth Kaufbeuren:


  • Patient questionnaire and written consent filled out, will be sent to you upfront
  • Laboratory results from the last 12 months, if available
  • All medical records, especially diagnostic findings
  • Adults only: Panoramic x-ray of your teeth (OPG) as current as possible, can be emailed by your dentist directly to us
  • Vaccination record
  • please bring all your medication and supplements in one dose amounts in labelled plastic bags

How to best prepare your visit:


  • please continue all your prescribed medication until you come to our clinic
  • Amalgam fillings should be removed with necessary precautions


Travel and Accomodation


Munich is the most popular airport but also check Memmingen which is closer but much smaller.


From Munich: Bahnhof Kaufbeuren is the nearest station and is around 1,5 hours away from Munich airport via Munich Central Station (Hauptbahnhof). Take the S8 or S1 to Munich Central Station and then take the Regionalbahn to Fuessen (exiting at Kaufbeuren).


From Memmingen: take the train to Munich and exit in Buchloe and take the train to Kaufbeuren.

Hire Car / Taxis

All the usual companies (Sixt, Avis, Eurocar, Budget etc) are present at both airports.


For the main clinic downtown Hafenmarkt 12: You find parking at Buron-Center (V-Markt, Address: Josef-Landes-Strasse 38, 87600 Kaufbeuren) or the parking garage Parkhaus beim Kunsthaus (Address: Alte Weberei 5, 87600 Kaufbeuren).


In front of the office building you find parking space for disabled. There is parking in the centre but for short term parking only (60 minutes).


The branch practice Schlingener Str. 1 has parking available at the facility.


The central bus station is conveniently located only 200m from the Institute.


You will find a choice of hotels within walking distance. When booking or on arrival please inform the hotel that you are attending SophiaHealth Clinic:

Hotel am Turm (300m)

Josef-Landes-Strasse 1, 87600 Kaufbeuren

Hotel Goldener Hirsch (300m)

Kaiser-Max-Strasse 39-41, 87600 Kaufbeuren

Hotel Hasen (500m)

Ganghoferstrasse 7, 87600 Kaufbeuren

Hotel Ibis Kaufbeuren (500m)

Ganghoferstrasse 8, 87600 Kaufbeuren

Old Town Apartments (300m)

Am Breiten Bach 11, 87600 Kaufbeuren

Main Clinic
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Terms and Conditions


Your appointment is binding after a deposit of 200€ per consultation day has been paid within 7 days of the booking. For your convenience we accept Paypal and bank transfer. The balance remaining on completion of treatment can be paid on site at the clinic via credit/debit card or cash.


Can be paid cash or by credit/debit card.


We bill according to the GebüH, Gebührenverzeichnis für Heilpraktiker, but we do not take any responsiblity for insurance coverage.


Is free of charge up to 28 days prior to your appointment, after that, the deposit will be retained as compensation for our concessions and lost reservations.

We are looking forward to welcoming you!

We’d love to hear from you