SophiaHealth Clinic

The SophiaHealth© Institut in the heart of Kaufbeuren is situated directly in the historic center of the city. Thus we can provide a homelike environment with pedestrian areas, cafés and hotels in walking distance expecially for our patients who traveled a long way to us.

Foto SophiaHealth Praxishaus

The building is part of a program for protection of historic buildings in Kaufbeuren and for us combines modern medical facilities with a flair of a well-tried manor.

Our facilities are located on the 3rd floor and can be reached by disabled patients via elevator.

A parking lot for disabled is across the street from the building. All other parking spaces around the building are for short term parking of 60 minutes only. For longer appointments please use the parking area of the Buron-Center (V-Markt) or the Parkhaus am Kunsthaus.