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Ariane Zappe

The source of the SHI-Kaufbeuren

“Research is my passion.”

“I learn from my patients every day.”

“ImmunSymbiosis has dramatically changed the way we review cause and treatment.”

“We desperately need a paradigm shift on microbes.”

“How does that actually fit together?”

“So how can we protect and care for our microbes?”




“Don’t we urgently need a profound rethinking of how we deal with all microbes?”


“The immune system consists of two parts that work together symbiotically, not only to maintain the organism, but more importantly in an effort to evolve.”

“Above all, I cannot fail to acknowledge the wisdom of nature and pay my respects to it.”

“Today, it’s clearer to me than ever that ImmunSymbiosis, the symbiotic interplay between microbes and humans, is the central foundation for health, creativity and development.”