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A successful cooperation

Dr. Johannes Neubert

Holistic, biological dentistry in Langweid near Augsburg

In a large number of our chronically ill patients we find, among other things, interference fields in the tooth-jaw area, which often have not been recognized so far. Especially silent inflammations in the jaw bone (NICO, jaw osteitis) can lead to infection and poisoning of the trigeminal nerve and thus the central nervous system.

Dr. Neubert diagnoses, treats and operates on our patients, who benefit from the intensive cooperation. Individual pre- and post-treatment monitoring of dental treatments in cooperation between dentist and therapists increases the chance of a final healing of the interference fields.

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d-tox Dental Center

biological dentistry – Dr. Hans-Ulrich Prein | Katrin Lechl | Dr. Tanja Popovic

In Germany’s largest center for biological dentistry, you can expect treatment aimed at aesthetically perfect and biologically first-class dental treatments. Our dentist in Rosenheim will conjure up a radiantly beautiful smile on your face and also do everything in his power to ensure optimum health in your oral cavity. The basis for this is the gentlest possible step-by-step removal of all sources of stress, interference and toxins, as well as improper stress.

Chronic inflammation of the jawbone and the associated decomposition of the jawbone can lead to increasing, painful irritation of the facial nerves. However, it can also proceed free of symptoms such as swelling or pain. In this case, it often remains undetected for years – especially since it usually cannot be visualized in normal X-rays either.

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